Even cemeteries not safe from thieves

Published 8:21 am Saturday, January 14, 2012

To the Editor:

In a recent newspaper, three of five headlines were theft-related. It is always a problem when people steal from one another, especially during Christmas.

Sadly, the parameters of stealing from one another has moved “from the street” into some of our local cemeteries. Numerous arrangements were taken from our cemetery at Beaver Dam during Christmas. I have talked with several friends who have experienced similar thefts in their church, family and other area cemeteries.

What was once a sacred place of rest for our loved ones has become a place where thieves help themselves to the seasonal arrangements carefully and thoughtfully placed on those graves by family members and/or friends. If by some miraculous chance the person or persons taking the seasonal arrangements is reading this, please, honor what to us is sacred ground. Stop taking arrangements that are not yours.

Margaret G. Whitley