Thanks for sharing story about Levi

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To the Editor:

I’ve not thought of Levi in quite some time. Thank you, Archie Howell, for remembering him in Your Turn (“From Levi, inspiration and reminders of a blessed life,” Dec. 25).

Your memories of Levi and the memories I have are similar, but I would like to share mine.

Levi was born one of the “little people,” as we refer to them today. He was a small dark-skinned man, barely three feet tall. He dressed in overalls and a plaid shirt that, remarkably, seemed to fit. I think one of his prized possessions was a man’s dress hat with a band and brim that he wore.

Levi could walk. However, his short bent legs caused him to do so with a wobble. His main mode of transportation was a tricycle with raised handlebars. He pulled a wagon that was tied to his tricycle, and it always was loaded with something.

If you ever made eye contact with Levi, he would wave and smile. His smile made me feel that he was a happy man, despite his disabilities.

Levi was a part of downtown Franklin for many years. He never bothered anyone, or asked for anything except the kindness of others, which he received. I don’t know what work Levi was able to accomplish other than caring for himself. Whatever work Levi did, he accepted the kindness of others as payment. I do know he plucked many a chicken feather!

Levi’s birth date is unknown to me, as is the date of his death. The last time I recall seeing him was in the early ‘60s.

I never knew if Levi had a family, nor where he lived and rested his small person at night after pedaling his tricycle and pulling his wagon most of the day.

I do know Levi accepted the lot he was given in life and did the best he could. I think at the end of the day, he felt he had done a good day’s work.

Yes, Mr. Howell, much can be learned from Levi, the little man on his tricycle pulling his wagon.

Ellen McNeal
1950 Franklin High School graduate