Published 9:26 am Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Franklin Police
WILLIAM ARROWOOD, 25, drunken driving, violation of protective order and possession of marijuana

LINDA BRADSHAW, 28, assault and battery

MARTELL SMITH, 20, driving without a license, hit and run, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

MALIK BROWN, 20, assault and battery, property damage

ERICK MITCHELL, 34, profane threatening language over public airways

MICHAEL PERRY, 20, possession marijuana

Southampton COUNTY Sheriff
DERRICK CORBETT, 44, violation of probation

RACHEL PATRICIA RANDALL, 20, grand larceny

FAROUK JORDAN EMAMALI, 42, failure to appear

ALBERT MARTELL MATTHEWS, 29, abuse and neglect of children

EDWARD LOWERY, 46, violation of probation

CHAD EVERETTE HOLT, 28, assault and battery

CYNTHIA HOLDEN, 56, assault and battery

HEATHER HOLDEN, 26, assault and battery

ANTHONY SEABORN, 48, drunken driving
DAVID TIMOTHY HOLLAND, 49, drunken driving, failure to appear on misdemeanor charge

STEPHEN COUNCIL HYPES, 25, public intoxication