You asked: FHS colors have not changed

Published 1:15 pm Saturday, January 7, 2012

You asked: When did Franklin High School change its colors from Navy and gold to Navy and yellow and why? Why do FHS students no longer sing the alma mater after football games?

Mayor Jim Councill, a 1963 graduate of Franklin High School, said he can’t remember a time when the school’s official colors weren’t Navy and gold.

“I’ve always heard of it being Navy and gold,” Councill said. “I don’t think they’ve ever changed the colors.”

FHS Principal Dr. Rodney Barry agreed the school colors haven’t changed, but added that it’s possible that through purchasing new football uniforms that the color has been altered slightly over the years because of the availability of a certain gold color.

Barry said the band hasn’t been able to play the alma mater after football games because the sheet music has been misplaced.

“I know it hasn’t been played in at least two years,” Barry said.

He blamed the misplaced music on turnover of the school’s band directors. The school has had three different band directors in three years, Barry said.

“It’s my goal to have the music in place by the start of the next football season,” Barry said.

Barry added that the school’s alma mater is an adaptation of the Washington and Lee University fight song.