The power of perspective

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I feel it right now; 2012’s going to be a bad year.

No telling what’s going to happen. My truck’s been running rough. Engine will probably blow. That ache in my shoulder — have I ever told you about it? — is getting worse and probably just a sign of something bad. I just feel it.

Washing machine’s been squeaking, and the fridge doesn’t cool like it used to.

Wouldn’t surprise me if I lost the farm this year. All my equipment was worn out five years ago. No fun farming with antiques, spending half your time just fixing things.

Heck, the whole economy will probably collapse. Bet gas will be $5 by July. I’ve already told the family not to count on any kind of vacation. No sir, not this year.

Rains will probably cut off by mid-June, and corn will tassel out waist high. Wouldn’t surprise me if some crazy-named hurricane didn’t come barreling up the coast this fall and wipe out what’s left of the crop. No sir, it doesn’t look good.

Why, even my dog’s been acting funny lately. Probably got some disease.

Everywhere you turn, there’s something going wrong. And the kids these days — don’t get me started! Doesn’t seem to me that God — if there is one — knows what he’s doing. Yep, 2012’s going to be a bad year. I just feel it.



“I can’t wait for this new year! It’s like a whole new chapter, a new beginning. Like opening up a Christmas present not knowing what’s inside.

This could be the best year ever, I’m telling you! No telling what God’s going to do this year.

Maybe it will start raining in mid-June and not stop ‘til the last day of August.

Maybe we’ll harvest the whole crop on dry ground. No hurricane or tropical storm. Not this year! We’re talking 10-foot corn and two-bale cotton. Fifty-bushel beans and two-ton peanuts. Yes sir, this could be one of those years. I can’t wait.

My equipment is old, but heck, what’s one more year? A welder, a cutting torch and a little ingenuity will fix most anything.

Maybe every cow will drop a calf. A healthy calf at that.

What a great farm to live on here. Seems this land and my wife get prettier every year.

Maybe this is the year more jobs will become available for all my friends. And this new generation coming up — have you ever talked to them? Sure, they’re young, but what great ideas!

Things I’ve never even considered. It’s going to be a good year, I tell ya’. I just feel it.

So tell me, reader, which best defines you? If in doubt, ask your spouse.