Residents need to embrace benefits of change

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To the Editor:

I could not agree more with Steve Stewart’s column (“A bad reputation,” Dec. 11).

I am a proud, young Southampton County resident and fortunate enough to be gainfully employed in Franklin at a great auto dealership.

The economic future of this area is in great peril after losing the mill. I see on a daily basis the effects of low employment options on this area, and it is devastating to say the least.

However, I see most have become comfortable on government entitlements and are willing to get by on said monetary relief programs. It’s sad.

This area has huge potential, and the more commerce we can invite here, the more productive and lucrative we will become while maintaining that fine line between a beautiful, rural, small township and a successful, business-friendly area that will certainly benefit from the local and state revenue that will trickle through our economy and benefit the whole of society.

The people of Southampton County and Franklin indeed need to look deeply into benefits of commerce and embrace some change, as it will turn this place around to the great little economically sound, hard-working community it once was — and, most important, provide a secure grounding for our future generations to continue on and be successful.

Robert Williams