Published 9:38 am Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Franklin Police

MILTON F. MIZZELL, 37, trespassing

MICHAEL A. BOONE, 22, two counts distribution of controlled substance, carry a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana

ROY LEE JOYNER, 65, assault and battery

ANDREW L. LEWIS JR., 39, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, refuse breath test

KIMBERLY BLYTHE, 36, annoying telephone calls

ERIC L. BRADSHAW, 40, false information to police

RACHEL SUE HARRIS, 25, possession of cocaine

SHERITA W. JARRATT, 37, assault and battery

JAMES J. BARNES, 24, driving while intoxicated, suspended drivers license, hit and run

RENEE V. LAWRENCE, 27, assault and battery

Southampton County Sheriff’s Office

MICHALE ANTHONY CHAPPELL, refusal of breath test, drunken driving

TRAVIS LAMAR ROOKS, failure to pay support

JUSTIN TURMEL WILLIAMS, failure to appear

JOHNIE C. OUTLAND, violation of probation

DONYA L. DEMERITT, failure to appear


KENNETH CLEVELAND TYLER, violation of probation

REGINALD JEROME BELL, failure to appear

TANIKA NICOLE PRETLOW, failure to appear

RACHEL HARRIS, failure to appear

BART SEBRELL, petty larceny

MELVIN BAYNARD, sale-distribution of marijuana, possession of firearms by convicted felon

GRANT ASHLEY GORDON, obstructing justice, bribery of witness

ABDUL HAKIM GRANT, obstructing justice

DEMARKO D. THOMAS SR., failure to appear

REGINALD VINCENT, destruction of property, possession of a stun gun by a convicted felon, possession of a controlled substance, drunken driving, eluding police, driving under suspension sixth offense, violation of probation

LYNETTE BLOW, grand larceny

GARY JEROME ALLMOND, giving conflicting testimony

MARSHA LAQUITA JOYNER, obtaining drugs by fraud

DEBORAH M. WALLACE, violation of probation

JOYCE LOUISE NICHOLS, assault on a family member

ANTWAN L. JOE, violation of probation

THOMAS HERBERT WARD, violation of probation

KENNETH LEE MCQUAGE, violation of probation

ROOSEVELT J. MAYFIELD JR., violation of probation


MILTON PERSON, drunken driving

STEPHEN RAY HARRIS, assault and battery on a family member

GLEN GRANT, using obscene language over the telephone

MILTON HOLLOWAY, drunken driving

AMANDA LEE ANNE PORTER, issuing more than two bad checks in 90 days

CECIL HAROLD PHELPS, violation of probation

BARTHOLOMEW SEBRELL, assault and battery, trespassing, obstructing justice

TYRONE FULGHAM, failure to comply with support obligations