Three-day deer season in Franklin opens Dec. 20

Published 10:05 am Friday, December 9, 2011

FRANKLIN—Roy Richards has seen a mixed bag of nice deer this fall — in the City of Franklin.

Hunters will have an opportunity to take bucks or doe during the annual shotgun-only season in the city, which opens Tuesday, Dec. 20, and closes Thursday, Dec. 22, said Richards, the city animal control officer.

“I’ve seen them off Pretlow (Street), off South Street and High Street around the (Poplar Springs) Cemetery,” he said.

Since October, the city has retrieved 12 to 15 dead deer from its streets.

“Their favorite place to cross is Bob White and Hunterdale roads,” Richards said. “We call that deer alley.”

People are not allowed to shoot guns within city limits, except for the hunt. That’s why the three-day season was formed. Hunters may hunt two of the three days. They are on an honor system.

Hunters must follow state guidelines on licenses, which allow for two bucks and four doe during a season.

“The city just gives the permission to hunt (here),” he said.

Areas that can be hunted are south of Armory Drive and Second Avenue. That’s the area between Armory Drive and Route 58, including the woods behind Dorchester and off South Street, Richards said.

Hunters must have permission from landowners to hunt there.

Deer hunting within city limits is also allowed during the urban archery season, which begins in September and goes into October.

Anyone with questions can call Richards at 562-8605.