You asked: Two portions of road paved

Published 11:03 am Saturday, December 3, 2011

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You asked: Why did VDOT pave Sedley Road twice this year?

SEDLEY—The Virginia Department of Transportation repaves busy secondary roadways, like Sedley Road, every three to seven years.

VDOT spokeswoman Brooke Grow said Sedley Road was paved in 2007 and this year planned to repave the portion of the road from the City of Franklin line to Governor Darden Road.

“We got more maintenance funding and repaved from Governor Darden Road to Route 632 (Sycamore Avenue),” Grow said.

VDOT had extra money, so it repaved the second portion this year.

VDOT worked on the two sections at different times during the year, which may have looked like the department was repaving the same portion of road twice because “there was a little bit of time” between the two projects.