Tax reassessment policies need revisited

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To the Editor:

“The World Turned Upside Down” was played when the British surrendered at Yorktown to Gen. Washington.

Well, seems that same piece of 18th century music now applies to Southampton County.

Two major issues are at hand at this time. The voter rebellion against the established Board of Supervisors (hate that term) and the now uprising over reassessment.

I call for the assessment to be left as is for the next six years. This to help get our economy back on its feet and our people back to work. It will take the new members a good deal of time to right the wrongs made by those leaving, but it can be done.

My next issue is the School Board. I have been following the people’s opinions on this issue and they are right. I think Mr. Turner sees the handwriting on the wall and is leaving due to the new board coming.

Now we need an elected board to do the job.

The new person who was put on the board is having a hard row to hoe with the now established members, but she is trying.

I, myself, will ask all to push the new Board of Supervisors, which they supported, to establish an elected school board. Maybe we can also get our teachers better pay by reducing some of the overpaid administration.

I am also in belief that an “at-large” member of the Board of Supervisors is needed. That is a person who looks at all the issues at hand of all the precincts and votes for the best interest of all.

To me this does not lock up a single district to act on its own in its own interest. The one at-large person is elected by all the people of Southampton County and not just from an area of representation.

One last note. I urge all to come out and voice their displeasure for the board at this assessment and ask boldly of them how their assessment went also. Up or down.

Peter Griffith