Sedley rezoning OK’d

Published 9:11 am Wednesday, November 30, 2011

COURTLAND—Southampton County supervisors on Monday voted 4-2 to allow a Sedley businessman to rezone his property, despite a petition with 136 signatures opposed.

Supervisors Anita Felts and Ronnie West voted against granting Kenny McClelland his request to rezone a vacant acre at Johnson’s Mill Road and Peachtree Avenue in Sedley. Supervisors Moses Wyche, Walter Young, Carl Faison and Walt Brown favored the request.

The property is currently zoned for general business, but the new designation will provide for more business options.

McClelland, who owns a cabinet shop in Sedley, said he has no immediate plans for the property, but did not rule out the rumored possibility of a storage facility.

“I had a number of calls about this site and have been hearing storage facility,” West said. “It would be nice to let me know what it will be used for.”

McClelland said he wants his cabinetry property and the other acre zoned the same; that was the reason for the request.

“I have no definite plans to do anything immediately,” he said.

The Planning Commission recommended that supervisors approve the request, despite resident opposition. During the Planning Commission’s recent meeting, William Worsham of Ivor presented the petition opposing the rezoning request. People were concerned about what business may go on the property.

There was concern about what type of clientele a storage facility might bring to Sedley and increased traffic, according to minutes from the Planning Commission meeting.

Beth Lewis, community development director for the county, noted the acre includes five lots. Assuming homes would be built on each, they would generate a total of 50 trips a day. A 2,500-square-foot storage facility generates seven trips a day.

McClelland promised not to open a truck repair shop, adult entertainment facility, pool hall or a fortune-teller business.