Who wants to change the city charter?

Published 10:55 am Saturday, November 19, 2011

To the Editor:

While watching the Franklin City Council meeting on Monday, I was quite astonished to hear my ward representative suggest changes to the city charter that had been presented to her as being from the citizens of Ward 5.

Through conversations with Councilwoman Mary Hilliard and with my close neighbors, as far we can determine, there have been no meetings, no phone calls, or anything else to discuss these proposed changes in Ward 5. So I am wondering, who are these citizens of Ward 5?

After obtaining a copy of these proposed changes, there is one proposal that I can possibly agree with, however, I can state that I do not agree with the overall proposal.

I also respectfully request that these unknown citizens of Ward 5 make themselves known through our elected representative, Councilwoman Hilliard, so that the real citizens of Ward 5 who would like our desires known can have that opportunity through Ward 5 discussions. We do not need outside interference.

William H. Rose Sr.