Krystle Raiford

Published 9:24 am Friday, November 11, 2011

Name: Krystle Raiford

Krystle Raiford's best childhood memory was going to a Green Bay Packers game with her dad. -- JAMES ARTIS | TIDEWATER NEWS

Age: 26

Occupation: Beamon and Johnson Auto Parts

Spouse: Trent Raiford

Church affiliation: Colosse Baptist Church

Pet I’d like to own: Horse

People say I look like: My dad

Favorite movie of all time: “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”

TV show I never miss: “True Blood”

The secret to happiness is: Love, friendship and knowing when to let some things go and just enjoy life

If I had to eat only three foods for the rest of my life, it would be: Cheeseburgers, steak and pizza

Three words that best describe me: Outgoing, determined and honest

One superpower I wish I had: To multiply myself so I could get more things done in a day’s time

Book currently on my nightstand: The Bible

My proudest achievement: Ranking 10th in the state in Roman history when I was in high school

My most recent trip: Hawaii

My life won’t be complete until: My husband and I can buy a house and start a family

My friends think I’m: Fun to be around

I really lose my cool when:  Someone lies to me

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite college team: Virginia Tech

Favorite pro sports team: Green Bay Packers

What’s the best decision you’ve made in life: When my husband asked me to marry him and I said “yes”

Which local charitable or non-profit organization do you wish more people would support: SPCA

What’s your best childhood memory? When my dad and I went to a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field.