Buying land for fire station was warranted

Published 9:21 am Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To the Editor:

The land next to the Windsor Fire Station was purchased for fire station expansion.

At the time the supervisors paid more for the land than assessed value. Unlike the public, the supervisors knew that manufacturers were lined up to be intermodal clients. They knew new manufacturers would increase land values all along Route 460, including the land next to the fire station.

The county actually saved money by buying high because future land cost would have been even higher. Second, had they not bought the land next to the fire station, they would have had to buy twice the land somewhere else and build not just an expansion of the fire station, but a completely new fire station on a new much-enlarged site.

If the opposition were not so unreasoning, they would realize the supervisors did the best thing they could do in the present situation.

As for the citizen’s question related to the adjoining fire station purchase, “Does this mean we can all present our own assessments to the county?” The answer is “yes.”

If a licensed, professional appraiser does the assessment, the Board of Assessors usually honors the assessment unless there is some glaring error.

Thenesau Johnson