Vision — what vision?

Published 3:30 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the mini-series, “Lonesome Dove,” Tommy Lee Jones plays Capt. Woodrow F. Cali, a man of vision. Too often now, I hear the two remaining members of the Three Musketeers — Tom Wright and Stan Clark — being referred to as visionaries.

A vision can be cloudy and vague in its beginning. However, we have had opportunity to see quite clearly many aspects of their “vision.” We know these things:

1. Their vision includes the purchase of countless parcels of property at multiples of appraised value.

2. Their vision increases the county long-term debt four-fold in a short four-year period.

3. Their vision includes gifts; we are getting a whopping 25 percent tax hike for an early Christmas present.

4. Their vision is secretive. They hold meetings, sometimes omitting a fellow board member, and make decisions without citizens having any input or being privy to any information. They do, however, always call the paper to inform them that something secretive is going on.

5. These visionaries operate at late hours. Regular votes are usually taken after normal

people have gone home.

6. The vision is green. At least one of their hangers-on usually stands to see some green by the time the plan is implemented.

7. They never met a development they didn’t like. The sooner Isle of Wight looks like Chesapeake, the better.

This is not a vision I have written about. It’s a nightmare. On Nov. 8, we have the opportunity to give these two the reward they so richly deserve — a boot out the door.

Let’s put Dee Dee Darden and Buzz Bailey, people with the county’s best interests at heart, in their places. We also have two new candidates, Ben Rideout and Andrew Gregory, who are aspiring to be the new “Musketeers.” Al Casteen has represented all of us, sometimes alone, way too long. Give him some help.

Shame on us, if we don’t seize this wonderful opportunity to clean up this mess.

A. Dwight Doggett Jr. Isle of Wight