Perkins best one for IOW School Board

Published 4:10 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is time to elect someone to the Isle of Wight County School Board who has actually been in a classroom in the last five years.

Julia Perkins has been a classroom teacher, a bus driver, a coach, a lead teacher, and the athletic director at Windsor High. She has been a professional educator her entire adult life.

Very few people know the educational process in Isle of Wight County like Julia Perkins. She has a wealth of knowledge concerning student achievement, curriculum design and behavioral modifications that will benefit the citizens of Isle of Wight.

She is a leader, ask anyone who worked with her, and she is a motivator, ask any of her former students.

Her main concern has always been what was best for the students.

The last administration this county had derailed and almost ruined our school system; it is time to get the Isle of Wight County School Board back on track. Citizens of the Windsor District, cast your vote for Julia Perkins to represent you on the School Board. The children of Isle of Wight County deserve the best; their and our county’s future depend on it. Vote Perkins!

Tom and Kathy Queen Windsor