Morris had good reason to miss Walters forum

Published 3:39 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I read your article on Rick Morris and was taken back as Rick Morris has been at every forum, state fair, community gathering since he started to campaign.

In fact, Mr. Barlow did not show for the Windsor forum and Rick did and at the Walters forum Rick was on a plane trying to get back in time from Florida where he was defending one of his clients in a military case and did not make it.

As far as negative goes, suggest you look to Mr. Barlow first who started it in his campaign ads with his carefully worded attacks against Rick Morris for not being an attorney in Virginia; Rick is an attorney for military law and security issues and is licensed in the Washington, D.C., federal district and has always said so.

At the Walters forum, Mr. Barlow could not name one job or industry that he had helped create in our district and his answer to me was, I will have to think about that. Never did get an answer.

Similarly, Mr. Barlow explained the Castle Doctrine wrong and all the police there from Windsor, Franklin, Smithfield and the sheriff’s department were all taken back by his answer. And then he went on to tell us how dangerous it was when he was on active duty, but having never been in a war zone like Rick Morris, I can tell you that speech of Mr. Barlow did not sit too well with the combat veterans in the audience.

They were all irritated with his alleged military record and trying to blow it up against Rick Morris’ combat record. And as far as a financial conservative who votes for our values, please explain why Mr. Barlow voted against our governor’s balanced budget, voted to put tolls on the James River Bridge, voted to allow convicted felons to include those to distribute child pornography to work on school properties, voted against gun owners, voted against hunters, voted against home-school mothers and fathers, and never helped when the International Paper mill closed in Franklin.

If this is what you expect from a representative, then you must love higher taxes, higher unemployment, discrimination against numerous groups, and being a member of a district in which nothing improves to the better of all.

If Rick Morris is a phantom candidate, I will vote for such in a heart beat. If you believe in honesty and telling both sides of the story, then print this sir. Not one word is false or misleading.

Karlus Bailey