E-mail to Phelps questioned

Published 3:45 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In reference to the recent story of Isle of Wight Sheriff Charlie Phelps receiving a message typed on a computer with an IP address of the Franklin Police Department.

I find it strange that he reported it to Councilmen Donnie Blythe and not the chief of police or Franklin city manager or mayor as would be the normal procedure.

But personally knowing Donnie Blythe for many years and having been approached by him to support Sheriff Phelps re-election and knowing he has been actively campaigning for Charlie Phelps to be re-elected sheriff in Isle of Wight, maybe it is not so strange.

I question if anyone in law enforcement is dumb enough to do this from a police department computer when everyone in law enforcement knows these can be easily be traced to the computer they were done on.

Considering who Phelps made the complaint to, I question if this entire incident is something made up to make Isle of Wight Sheriff Candidate Mark Marshall and Franklin Police Chief Phil Hardison look bad or if it is real.

Volpe Boykin