Barnes & Noble to manage PDCCC bookstore

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FRANKLIN—Paul D. Camp Community College has signed a contract with Barnes & Noble College Booksellers to take over the Franklin campus’ bookstore and renovate it.

The bookstore will be a down-scaled version of a Barnes and Noble that will allow students to buy or rent textbooks and have coffee or a snack, said Dr. Joe Edenfield, the school’s vice president of finance and administrative services.

“It will create the environment of a Barnes and Noble as well as offer bookstore service to students,” Edenfield said.

Len Scoggins, regional manager of Barnes & Noble College, said the store will offer a JCX Coffee service with self-serve flavored and regular coffees. He said the bookstore would remain open “except for a couple of days” during the renovation.

Barnes & Noble College operates 150 stores on or around college campuses.

The store also will allow students to buy or rent electronic textbooks, and offer bestsellers, Nook products and apparel featuring the school’s logo.

The store will also be open to the public, said Dr. Paul Conco, president of PDCCC, which could help the school with recruitment.

“People can come on campus and think about ‘hey, I could take a course,’” Conco said.

Conco said the store should be open when students return from winter break.