Newcomers would shake up complacency on county board

Published 10:08 am Saturday, October 29, 2011

To the Editor:

As has been stated elsewhere in this paper, the voters in Southampton County have a unique opportunity in the upcoming election.

Not in recent memory have there been four challengers to the seated board members. All of them have touted the claim of fiscal responsibility, a quality severely lacking in the present board, save one who is, of course, voted down by the majority.

The county, along with other localities, faces severe economic problems that can’t be solved by simply throwing more money at them. There are issues involving administrative personnel, positions and salaries, which need to be adjusted to make them more applicable to the present situation. The most positive thing, in recent memory, is the collection of back taxes owed by many who were forced to pay or have their vehicles “booted”. While this may be perceived as a negative action, it brought about a positive result albeit well overdue.

Do I think that the four challengers will make a difference in this scenario? Obviously, that question can’t be answered, but these people certainly deserve a chance. Remember, it takes willfulness, dedication and fortitude to mount a campaign against a seated member of the board. Lastly, this is not intended to be in any way mean-spirited, but I believe the present members have become complacent in their service to the county to the point that their votes are almost predictable.

This is not a popularity contest, nor should it be a race issue. It’s about addressing the county’s problems responsibly. Regardless of how your opinion, at least be a part of the process, and vote.

Paul W. Simmons