Isle of Wight benefiting from visionary leadership, he says

Published 10:06 am Saturday, October 29, 2011

To the Editor:

The Isle of Wight supervisors who initiated the intermodal park concept were Philip Bradshaw, Tom Wright, Henry Bradby, James Brown, Richard MacManus and Stan Clark: an accountant, large contractor, plant supervisor, two engineers and an attorney.

Whether we personally like them or not, or think they violated the Freedom of Information Act in their planning, they always had Isle of Wight’s best interests at heart. It took uncommon perception to begin with a 1,500-acre intermodal concept that came to include the Norfolk water deal. They were strongly criticized but seized the moment ­­— and chose progress and the future.

Isle of Wight’s intermodal efforts are a response to an international movement to route Los Angeles cargo to Hampton Roads through the Panama Canal. The ongoing negotiations with two potential intermodal clients, both of whom together would hire more than a thousand employees, invest more than $425 million and utilize more than 2 million gallons of water per day, portend a dramatic and exciting economic future for Isle of Wight despite a dismal national economy.

Since no other supervisors I can think of would have ever undertaken such a mammoth project. I call them Isle of Wight’s greatest supervisors. I certainly would not have had their courage. Their efforts are comparable to the early initiatives of the Camps, Gwaltneys and Luters.

As the remaining two of these originating supervisors, Mr. Wright and Mr. Clark should be re-elected.

Thomas Finderson