Retired commonwealth’s attorney supports Stutts for sheriff

Published 9:38 am Friday, October 28, 2011

To the Editor:

The election for the office of sheriff for Southampton County and the City of Franklin is one of greatest importance to the citizens.

The sheriff has a tremendous responsibility to ensure the enforcement of the criminal laws and the administration of justice to the citizens. It is crucial that the right individual is elected.

Having been involved in the justice system for some 36 years, I feel compelled to support Jack Stutts for this extremely important position.

Working with Jack for a period of 23 years, I have had the opportunity and the privilege to observe his work. I found in him a dedicated officer who has a great work ethic and, most important, the integrity to hold this position of trust.

Jack Stutts is a proven leader. His work as leader of the Meherrin Drug Task Force from 1993-1996 proved his ability to manage officers from numerous jurisdictions in the battle against drug dealers. It is in this area that I first had the opportunity at length to observe the characteristics that make him the most viable candidate for sheriff.

His ability to coordinate the work of different officers and different agencies into one of the most effective drug task forces in Virginia clearly demonstrate his leadership, his attention to details, his organizational skills and his ability to lead.

Jack Stutts has over 30 years of experience with the sheriff’s department and worked in every capacity of the office from patrol deputy to the current position of chief deputy. He enhanced his knowledge and skills by attending numerous law enforcement programs including the FBI academy. His experience gives him a unique knowledge of the area, the citizens and the needs of the community.

Of most importance in Jack Stutts’ qualifications is his integrity. Throughout his 30 years of law enforcement, Jack Stutts has always strived to see that justice was done. His desire to protect the innocent is just as great as his desire to punish the guilty. His word is above reproach.

I strongly urge your vote and support for Jack Stutts as the next sheriff of Southampton County and the City of Franklin. We need a man of his experience, proven leadership and integrity as sheriff.

Richard C. Grizzard
retired commonwealth zttorney