She supports Brown in Newsoms District

Published 8:50 am Friday, October 21, 2011

To the editor:

As an educator, it is with honor and great pride that I endorse Walter

D. “Walt” Brown III for re-election to the Southampton County Board of Supervisors, Newsoms District.

Supervisor Brown has proven himself over and over throughout his tenure as a board member to be a proactive voice in pushing for jobs in our county. He is a staunch supporter of education in our county and last year gave his salary as a county supervisor back to our schools.

Supervisor Brown displays great leadership skills and vision in our

Board of Supervisors meetings. He has the experience, commitment and intellect that our county needs to go forward with reducing our debt and finding other venues of bringing in additional revenue to our county by way of business and industry so our taxes can be reduced. Even after spending 28 years on active duty in the Army, Supervisor Brown has never forgotten his farming roots here in Southampton County, gleaned from growing up on his family’s “Century Farm.” He always supports our farmers.

Please join me at the polls on Nov. 8 and vote to re-elect Supervisor Walt Brown as our representative on the Board of Supervisors for the Newsoms District.

Rita Yeary
Newsoms District