Isle of Wight needs new political direction

Published 8:48 am Friday, October 21, 2011

To the editor:

We have a lot of problems in Isle of Wight County, from the sitting elected officials to the sheriff’s office.

Our politicians think it’s OK to raise taxes during the ongoing recession when we are all hurting, and then, to add salt to the wound, they have the nerve to get a pay raise with our new taxes while we have to cut back. Wrong answer. That is the same tax-and-spend, job-killing mind-set that the Obama administration has, which has only made things much worse.

So instead of cutting our taxes to help our county and cutting their spending, they raise our taxes 25 percent, which is unprecedented. Add that to all the new Obama taxes coming our way on the working Americans and it all spells doom for our county and country.

So I say vote them all out and bring in the new. Joe Joyner, Tom Gaskell or Rex Alphin for my area are all good choices for the Board of Supervisors. The old ones have had their chance, and they did it all wrong. More government spending never, ever helps the working people.

Vote for a new sheriff and all new elected officials on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Mark Whaley