Board members miss crucial vote

Published 9:38 am Saturday, October 15, 2011

FRANKLIN—Three Franklin School Board members who missed Tuesday’s meeting when a vote was taken to discontinue the schools’ no-zero grading policy gave no reasons for their absences.

The Tidewater News asked Mona Murphy, Verta Jackson and Johnetta Nichols why they missed the meeting, when the board voted 4-0 to nix a practice implemented by administrators that gave 60 as the lowest grade for tests and assignments.

Nichols responded, but Jackson and Murphy did not return repeated phone calls and emails.

“The vote has been taken; the decision has been made,” Nichols said Thursday. “Let’s put it behind us and move on.”

She did not say why she missed the meeting.

Board Chairman Bill Scarboro did not return multiple phone calls or an e-mail.

Board Member Edna King said she did not know why the three were absent and had expected them to be there.

“I had no idea they were not going to be there,” King said.

Scarboro, Glenn Hopkins and Will Councill attended the meeting.