Marshall’s interpretation of integrity questioned

Published 9:27 am Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I was at the Isle of Wight Civic Association’s forum for the county sheriff’s election on Oct. 3 and heard Smithfield Police Chief Mark Marshall state “the need for integrity” in the department.

I also note that last year, when Mr. Marshall was lobbying for the position of president of the International Association of Police Chiefs, Sheriff Charlie Phelps did everything he could to support Mr. Marshall, going so far as traveling with him to meet with the association members.

In turn, recently, on a local news channel, Mr. Marshall said that Sheriff Phelps was “a disgrace to the county and law enforcement.”

Sheriff Charlie Phelps would never betray a friend for personal or political gain — ever!

I and many others who have witnessed Sheriff Phelps’ solid leadership in this county for 24 years reject Mr. Marshall’s idea of “integrity” and will vote to re-elect Sheriff Charlie Phelps on Nov. 8.

Virginia E. Streeter