President of bar association endorses Stutts

Published 10:23 am Friday, October 7, 2011

To the Editor:

As president of the Franklin/Southampton County Bar Association, I am writing to announce our endorsement and support for Jack Stutts for the office of sheriff of Southampton County and the City of Franklin.

As many of you know, the sheriff not only acts as the top law enforcement officer for Southampton County, but also handles courthouse security for Southampton County and the City of Franklin, oversees the prompt and accurate service of civil process, and oversees the county jail in Courtland.

With those responsibilities, the sheriff has to manage a large number of employees and large budget in a fair and efficient manner.

More than anything else, our sheriffs have always been leaders capable of selecting and motivating young men and women to perform professionally, courageously and with integrity all for relatively little monetary gain. Jack Stutts offers promise to continue that tradition of leadership.

As many of you also may be aware, Jack Stutts has worked and been a leader in the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office since 1981 working under the capable leadership of Sheriff Vernie Francis, where he has gained the skills and knowledge necessary to take over the sheriff’s post.

I, along with many members of the Franklin/Southampton County Bar Association, not only work with Jack Stutts on a professional level, but am a personal friend of Jack Stutts, therefore being very familiar with his character, work ethic and leadership abilities. In light of those qualities, we humbly ask each and every one of you to vote for Jack Stutts this November.

Additionally, we would like to thank Sheriff Vernie Francis for his excellent leadership and generous service as the Southampton County sheriff.

R. Edward Railey III


Franklin/Southampton County Bar Association