Allegations don’t fit Phelps’ personality

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To the Editor:

The allegations of six former deputies of gross mishandling of evidence and constant threats of being fired make me ask, “How come we have heard none of these allegations in the past?”

The (Isle of Wight County) sheriff has been in office 24 years. You would think these alleged problems would have surfaced long ago.

Maybe these particular six deputies exaggerated because of some grudge or deserved reprimands at different times.

Sheriff “C.W.” Phelps in person is an affable man, engaging, mild mannered, seemingly honest, never threatening. The allegations do not fit his personality.

Most of his officers seem to be decent men, public servants, helpful, respectful to the public. We all know every business has its personnel problems. Is what we are hearing with these allegations really personnel problems?

Is it fair to print allegations of unnamed former IOW deputies? Isn’t the sheriff entitled to know his accusers? How else can he give an answer? The Smithfield Times would not dream of printing an accusatory Letter to the Editor that was unsigned. Why isn’t Sheriff Phelps accorded a comparable consideration?

Most IOW citizens know Sheriff Phelps well and will decide for themselves the facts of this or any situation in what has become a fierce political campaign. So are we now going to have an article on former Smithfield officers and what they thought of Chief Marshall?

Hilda Musick