PDCCC’s turn in the spotlight

Published 10:12 am Friday, September 30, 2011

A fine Western Tidewater institution celebrates an important milestone today.

Paul D. Camp Community College, in a ceremony this afternoon, will mark 40 years of service and inaugurate its seventh president, Dr. Paul Conco.

A special commemorative section in today’s edition recaps the college’s first four decades, and what an interesting journey it has been. Our favorite stories are about the people whose lives have been enriched by the college as a provider of higher learning and as an employer. Thousands of graduates have their own stories to share about how their lives are better as a result of their PDCCC experience.

Certainly, our community is stronger as a result of the presence of “Paul D.,” as the locals affectionately call their community college.

In addition to offering high school graduates an effective, affordable start to higher education, PDCCC daily improves Western Tidewater’s workforce through vocational and continuing-education classes. The college shined during the aftermath of the Franklin paper mill’s closure, helping many displaced workers transition through the roughest chapter of their professional lives. Many landed on their feet because of the college’s services.

In today’s economy, a community college education is a better bargain than ever. Record numbers of students are taking advantage. We’re convinced that 40 years is just the beginning.

We join the community in wishing PDCCC and its capable, energetic new leader, Dr. Conco, much continued success.