Hurricane victim thankful for Courtland motel

Published 10:09 am Friday, September 30, 2011

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience with certain hotels in the area.

As you know Hurricane Irene left many people without power. Due to the power outage I decided to get a hotel room for my family. I was able to book a room at a hotel in Franklin Sunday night.

As it turned out, the service was very poor and the condition of the room was inexcusable. As luck would have it power was restored to Courtland, and I hoped for better accommodations.

Even though I paid for another night at the hotel in Franklin, I packed up my family and moved to the Palm Tree Inn in Courtland.

At the Palm Tree Inn not only did I get great service, but it was clean and comfortable. Although the power had just come on and the computers were down, the staff worked hard to accommodate the needs of their guests. They had a variety of options available that is not found at most hotels, such as smoking rooms and allowing pets.

I also felt much safer having my family there. It was well lit at night, but not to where it disturbed our rest.

I had booked the room through Friday, but our power was back on Thursday. They had no problem refunding our money and said they were glad our power was restored.

All of the employees were friendly and eager to help. I would definitely recommend this motel to anyone in need of a “home away from home.”

Kathy Mayville