Correcting letter on meeting

Published 10:10 am Friday, September 30, 2011

To the Editor:

In response to Thelma White’s letter (“Group says it had nothing to do with forum” Sept. 25), I would like to correct several things.

First, Thelma White and the Camptown Coalition were well aware of the forum that took place at the Isle of Wight Skating Rink on Sept 23. I found it funny that White stated, “We do not sanction this sort of politics,” since she absolutely has in the recent past.

White and candidate Ben Rideout have staged this very same forum that she now condemns. White and Rideout have had two of these forums and never extended an invitation to any of the other candidates!

And if White wasn’t “aware” of this forum, then how did her letter get printed in The Tidewater News that was in the box Saturday morning?

Camptown was represented at the forum by many concerned citizens who had some very compelling remarks and concerns about their neighborhood and don’t need White and Rideout to tell them how or what to think. Ben Rideout was well aware of the forum, and two weeks prior, commented that he would not attend.

I thank all the candidates who attended. This showed their commitment to IOW and the constituents. All candidates running were there except Sheriff Charlie “C.W.” Phelps and Rideout. What a shame.

Jennifer Boykin