Land Transfers

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2011

City of Franklin

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel Saunders Dillon Sr., 547 Laurel St., $15,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Beneficial Financial I Inc., 156 Covey Circle, $89,245

Gary E. and Lois M. Cason to I. Todd and Sandra B. Rose, $100,000

Glasser and Glasser to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 231 Crescent Dr., $136,106

Emanuel Porter to Larry D. and Elaine Wilkerson, 208 Cobb St., $0

Edward Neil and Lea Ann Baker to Jernigan Properties Inc., $115,000

Bank of New York Mellon Trust to John J. Beasley, Cobb St., $27,000

William W. and Kathleen L. Miller to Darryl L. and Shirley D. Nixon, $209,900

James Lee Griffin to Jonathan I Jefferson, 1321 Clay St., $100,000

Ballance Properties LLC to Phoenix Investments LLC, 400 E. Second Ave., $0

Johnnie D. and Deborah G. Vann to Rodney S. Gobin, 1213 Clay St., $206,000

ETS of Virginia Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 118 Pocahontas St., $132,195

Walden Enterprises Inc. to Walden Real Estate Ventures, 345 Harrison St., $60,000

Homesales Inc. to Calva LLC, 401 Chestnut St., $15,000

Beneficial Financial Inc. to Robert M. Edwards, Covey Circle, $79,000


Franklin District

Associated Cemetery Consultants to Cemetery Management Corporation, 15.274 acres on Pretlow Road, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Elliot Skinner, 22210 Deer Lane, $72,000

Brandon L. and Karen S. Butler to Janet L. Floyd, 26295 Shady Brook Trail, $145,000

B.T. Nolf & Son Inc. to George D. and Whitney Davis, 23125 Calvin Dr., $193,000

Newsoms District

Glasser and Glasser to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 31681 Monroe Rd., $86,792

Surety Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, 29290 South Main St., $146,745

Berlin-Ivor District

Rita T. McCormick to William D. and Alice W. Scott, 1.84 acres on Route 614, $30,000

James T. Callahan TO Charles M. Jean and Paulette Getz, 4.57 acres, $55,000

Brown’s Mobile Home Sales of Murfreesboro, N.C., to Lucas Allen Ferell, 2.683 acres, $24,700

James Victor Murdock II to Jordan R. Kuehn, 8.560 acres, $219,000

William K. and Melba M. Holland to William E. Wicher, two parcels on Route 460, $130,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David J. Power, one acre, $61,500

Town of Boykins

Gary D. and Deborah E. Baugham to Bronco Federal Credit Union, two parcels on Beaton Ave., $0

Gary D. and Deborah E. Baugham to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Pinecrest Drive, $0

New Hope Church of God  to Jupiter Dennell Wilson Sr., lot, $0

Village of Sebrell

Southampton County Treasurer to Sidney Bruce Phillips, lot on Route 645, $412

Drewryville District

Samuel Douglas Joyner to Billy Lee and Elizabeth A. Hand, one acre on Route 58, $28,000

J. Wyatt and Jemma Cox to William B. Banty III, 2.76 acres at 12171 Old Belfield Rd., $144,900

William J. Seward to James W. Rawles Jr., and Robin B. Rawls, 9.65 acres on Hicksford Rd., $20,000

Town of Courtland

United States of America to David and Mary E. Hay, 21496 Bateman St., $147,600

Hillary J. Deskins Story to Charles Allen Butler Jr., Old Plank Road, $118,500

Jerusalem District

Gail B. Camp to Flowers Brothers LLC, lot, $115,000

Flowers Brothers LLC to Jernigan Properties, lots, $590,000

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Dennis M. and Jennifer A. Darden, 1.149 acres at 32386 Unity Road, $155,000

Louise Riddick to Dorothy C. Beale, half interest in 57 acres and 54 acres, $114,693

Richard W. and Beth W. Rodgers to Brandon L. and Karen S. Butler, 28466 Darden Point Road, $240,000

Capron District

James R. and Valerie M. Prosise to Jackson Logistics Inc., Route 58, $49,500