Don’t forget longtime Boykins businesses

Published 9:43 am Friday, September 23, 2011

To the Editor:

Much has recently been written about the success and rebirth of the Town of Boykins, and we are truly grateful for the recognition we are getting for all our hard work.

Some of the more recent published articles, while very accurate, might lead people who don’t know much about Boykins to believe that everything is new, and we had no businesses before the Main Street program. That is not true.

There were many solid businesses here in town long before I ever came to town — great businesses with hard-working owners and employees. Many of these businesses have been around for generations to form the solid foundation we are able to add to today — like David Collins at The Pharmacy of Boykins, previously Boykins Pharmacy owned by Dr. Brooke, then Bobby Poland.

Also, BSV Bank, which can trace its roots back to the formative years as the Bank of Boykins; a continuous medical practice, starting with Dr. Bland and spanning the years to include Dr. Naranjo, Dr. Ripsin and now Dr. Taylor with Abby in the office of Boykins Family Practice.

Also, Roy Ricks and his wife at the Boykins Service Center, now serving great fried chicken that former owner T.W. Bunch never dreamed of offering; Robert at E&W Service Station, which was formerly run by George Scott and is now operated by Michael Mason; Andy and his family at the Red Barn, which used to be Coleman’s, and Buckner’s and Vick’s.

The finest dentist I have ever had (but don’t tell him I said that; he may charge me more), Dr. Winston Browne carries on the tradition of his father, who started his practice after Dr. Dodd retired; the law office of Carter and Dwyer, formerly Britt and Carter, and the law office of Francis and Francis, started by Gilbert and continued by son, Rick, and his wife, Inga. Rick later became clerk of the circuit court.

Also, Mobil, now Sunoco, was formerly Boone’s and, before that, Gulf; Miss J’s, the remaining beauty parlor among the many that have been operated in Boykins; Parker Oil, which used to be Barrett and Ford and, before that, H.O. Carlton; and, last but not least, the business that gets the least complaints from its customers and one I am in no hurry to use, Wright Funeral Home, previously Purviance Funeral Home, operated by Charles and Barbara McDowell.

If I missed any, it wasn’t on purpose, but the point is, it is the good, solid businesses that attracted me and the other new businesses to town, and they are just as much responsible for the “rebirth” of Boykins as the new kids in town are because they gave us continuity, security and customer loyalty.

Mike McManus
Boykins Beans & Ice Cream