Ag Museum displays two new exhibits

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, September 7, 2011

By Merle Monahan/Contributing Writer

A blacksmith’s tool display. -- MERLE MONAHAN | TIDEWATER NEWS

COURTLAND—There will be two new exhibits on display Saturday during Heritage Day at the Southampton Agriculture and Forestry/Heritage Village Museum.

Board Chairman Bill Vick has cleaned out the blacksmith shop of dozens of old tools, an anvil, forge and wheel grinder and assembled an exhibit in the main building.

On the back side of this exhibit, he has grouped about eight early washing machines.

Vick said many of the tools from the blacksmith shop were not visible to the public. “This gives the visitor a much better idea of the kind of tools used in the trade.”

The idea for a blacksmith display occurred, Vick said, when he and Southampton Historical Society President, Lynda Updike were discussing the possibility of adding new exhibits. Someone mentioned cleaning out the blacksmith shop.

“This seemed perfect,” said Vick, who then contacted Travis Covington of the Tidewater Blacksmith Guild to help with identifying some of the tools. Covington will be on hand Heritage Day to help answer questions about the display.

Vick built three 4 by 8-foot display tables and during the course of several weeks, had covered the tables with dozens of old hand tools, as well as some larger pieces.

“We think it is so important to educate our young people about the way our ancestors lived and made a living.

“The blacksmith shop, for instance, was a vital part of community. Many people today have no idea how horses were shod, or how broken cart wheel rims were repaired.”

The washing machine display is the result of placing all of the machines in one section. “We can already tell that it is going to be a popular display,” said Vick.

The 1940s scroll saw was hidden under one of the tables in the blacksmith shop, said Vick.

“This was quite interesting to me,” he added. Vick is a woodworker

He uses a saw that is a little more modern in his work, however.