Thanks to all who came out to the fair

Published 9:18 am Friday, August 26, 2011

To the Editor:

Thank you! Thank you to all of our guests who came out to the 31st annual Franklin-Southampton County Fair.

We want to give a big thank-you to all of our sponsors as well. The fair board has been so excited this year about the fair.

We hope everyone had a great time and got to enjoy some great food, rides and entertainment. I think the Water Walkers of Lexington were a big hit. If you didn’t get out to the fairgrounds to see it, you missed a treat. Who knew we had some folks in Southampton County that can “walk on water.”

The monster truck offered a ride of mud and bumps and fun for all ages. If you missed Friday night, you missed a super night of fun and music.

Colt Ford put on a great show, and I think all of our guests had a fantastic time.

The midway was larger this year, and I think we had something for all age groups. The ATV mud bog was a lot of fun. Watching the ATVs try and race through the mud was fascinating to all of us who prefer being clean.

The people in the mud bog were covered from head to toe and they didn’t mind; that was part of the fun to see who could get the muddiest.

The rain started on Saturday just about the time the ATV mud bog started, but they didn’t care. That was going to make it extra muddy and fun for the riders.

There was a great crowd of spectators out there as well. They didn’t let the rain stop them from watching the fun.

We had a great fair this year and we hope that everyone had a great time, and if you have any questions or comments about the fair, please call the fair contact number at 562-3765 or you can find us on Facebook.

We learn from you as to what you liked and didn’t like, and we take what you say and try to improve the fair each and every year.

Thank you again for coming and supporting the Franklin-Southampton County Fair. We will look forward to you coming back next year when there will be even more fun and excitement for the whole family.


Sandra Heeren
Franklin-Southampton County Fair
Board of Directors