Real Estate Transfers

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Isle of Wight County

Windsor District
Patricia B. Larus to BFC LLC, 55 acres on Route 634 adjacent to AA Redd property, $0

Kasey Lee Taylor to Kasey Lee Taylor, .597 acres of James E. Joyner property, $0

Eugenia B. Outland to Carlton K. Outland, 10 acres of Eugenia B. Outland property, $0

Eugenia B. Outland to Jesse A. Williams, 4.893 of Eugenia B. Outland property, $0

Kelly T. Whitehead to Katelynn Gail Whitehead, 57.802 acres of Kelly T. Whitehead property, $0

Household Realty Corp. to Dennis Hughes, lot in Windsor Woods, $212,000

William Howell Jr. to Alvah Perry Jr., one acre of William N. Howell Jr. property, $37,000

Frank W. Grubbs to Frank W. Grubbs, lot 4 of the J. Goode Roberts estate, $0

Rudolph Lawrence to Barbara Lawrence, lot 2 of William N. Howell property, $0

Franklin and
Southampton County

City of Franklin
Glasser and Glasser PLC to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 807 Hunterdale Road, $186,443

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Olivia B. Brown, 127 Langston Court, $98,362

Greenfield Homes Corp. to Debra R. and Guy Sager Jr., 112 Wiggins Court, $119,850

Fannie Mae to Frederick and Adrienne Taylor, 1105 Clay St., $159,900

Carlton L. Cutchin Jr. and Barbara Cutchin to BJCM Enterprises LLC, parcels in the City of Franklin, $0

Carlton L. Cutchin Jr. and Barbara Cutchin to Carlton L. Cutchin Jr., 2.275 acres, $0

Samuel Deloatch to Tracy Deloatch, lot 4 of Bristow Insurance Corp. on Duffy Street, $0

HSBC Bank USA to William Drew Mountcastle, 304 Willis Road, $182,199

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eliot Skinner, 503 Lee St., $45,000

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Daniel F. and Dana L. Akers, 220 Meadow Lane, $400,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey A. Hemingway, 810 Fontaine St., $49,500

Bruce E. Brown to Bruce E. and Sharon L. Brown, 105 McCutheon St., $0

Martha T. Griffith to Martha T. and Alvin Griffith, lot 45 section 2 of Swan Estates

L. Terry and Deloris M. Harrell to Deloris M. Harrell, lot 126 Holliknol Section two, $0

Palmetto Group LLC to Shirley’s Idea LLC, 507 and 509 Ryland St., $157,019

Virginia L. Taylor to Virginia L. Taylor and T. Parker, 563 Ashton Ave.

Franklin District
Bank of the Commonwealth to Andrew B. and Crystal C. Drewry, lot 25 of Bethel Farms, $22,000

Parson’s Construction Co. LLC to Parson’s LLC, lots 1, 2, 4 and 5, $0

David Ricks Jr. to David Ricks Jr. and Mary L. Ricks, 41.64 acres, $0

Thomas K. and Catherine Pittman to Peter B. and Dianna Griffith, 11.549 acres, $385,000

Williard Mark and Ann Pierce to Ryan J. Council, lot 6 30124 Country Club Road, $166,293

R. Parsons LLC to Kenneth Brown, 28342 Shady Brook Trail, $165,000

Thomas J. and Christine M. Mari to Christine M. Mari, 39.124 acre, tract six Marle Hill Farm, $0

Newsoms District
Jo Anne D. and W. Darden Kelly to Roger L. Francis Jr. and Brandi Francis, .911 acres, $5,000

Samuel B. and Phillip B. Howell to Rosser Edward Bryant, .240 acres, $900

Robert L. Williams Jr. to Roderick G. and Judith Williams, 38.44 acres and 139.59 acres, $0

Roderick Williams to Robert L. Williams Jr., 91.35 acres and 165.12 acres, $0

Randy Wayne and Deborah Lee Gray to Deborah Lee Gray, 32588 Sandy Ridge Road, $0

Town of Courtland
Kenneth Myron and Debora Barnes to Lonnie G. and Ruth B. Barnes, lot, $0

Herbert H. Edwards Jr. to Robert B. Edwards, lot, $0

Herbert H. Edwards Jr. to Robert B. Edwards, lots, $0

Town of Newsoms
Carolyn Franz to Carolyn Franz, lot, $0

Capron District
Surety Trustees LLC to Flagstar Bank, 23825 Popes Station Road, $270,059

Carolyn Franz to Carolyn R. Franz, 16.56 acres, $0

Theresa B. Bryant to George T. Jernigan III, 25063 Dickens Lane, $119,000

Fannie Mae to Benjamin E. and Cheri D. Wheeler, 22340 Medicine Springs Road, $77,000

Jerusalem District
Phillip Carlyle and Jane B. Wood to Phillip C. and Jane B. Wood, 3.67 acres on Womble Mill Road, $0

James E. Hatfield III to James Robert Lowe, one acre, $0

Gail Muhammad to Keith R. and Bernice S. Lassiter, lot, $18,000

James and Sandra Chestnutt to Sandra Chestnutt, lot 10 block C of Nottoway Acres, $0

Lance Dennis Nyman to Mark Anthony Lewis, 18019 Rosemont Road, $120,000

Nancy B. Cogsdale to M.J. White III, 1.201 acres and 5.268 acres, $6,471

Harvev Singh and Rajinder Kaur to Hardev Singh, lot 6 of Vicks Plantation LLC, $0

Edward C. Minor to William L. Holt, 23456 Thomas Circle, $265,000

Town of Ivor
Merle J. Monahan to H. Massey and Alice R. Joyner, two parcels, $80,000

Drewryville District
Jonny G. Barbara Springfield to ARS Enterprises LLC, 126.095 acres, $210,000

Richard C. Edwards to Lawrence Wayne and Mary Edwards, 25 acres on Adams Grove Place, $83,000

Ivey Tract Properties LLC to Hannah N. Rowlands, lot, $16,000

Linda Rebecca Newsome to Franklin B. Temple Jr. and Jennifer Temple, lot on Route 711, $24,000

Franklin B. Temple Sr. and Jennifer Temple to Franklin B. Temple Sr. and Jennifer Temple, 1.79 acres, $0

Samuel I White P.C. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 6340 Southampton Parkway, $53,078

Berlin/Ivor District
Edward C. Weston to Brown’s Mobile Home Sales, 2.683 acres, $32,500

Boykins District
Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Eddie Frank Darden, lots 51, 52 and 53 of James Harris property, $25,000

Shirley Ann Warren to GPSP Properties LLC, lots, $16,500

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Andrew K. and Tamiaya L. Allen, 17 acres, $173,000