You asked: Pond is owned by shopping center

Published 10:01 am Saturday, August 13, 2011

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You asked: Did the city pay for the fence around the retention pond in front of Food Lion and is fencing needed around a sewage pipe at Barrett’s Landing?

FRANKLIN—The retention pond in front of Food Lion is owned by the shopping center, said City Manager June Fleming.

The city did not pay for the new fence around the pond.

Blackwater and Nottoway Riverkeeper Jeff Turner on Thursday discussed with city staff about what can be done to prevent residents and visitors from fishing in the Blackwater River at Barrett’s Landing from a pipe that releases treated water from the city’s sewage treatment plant.

Turner has safety concerns.

“It’s not a water quality issue,” he said. “It’s just something I’ve noticed. It’s kind of out of my realm, but I’m trying to save somebody from being hurt and trying to keep the city out of a lawsuit.”

Fishing from the banks near the concrete encasement the pipe sits in is prohibited, but Turner said the sign does not prevent people from fishing.

Fleming and Turner agree that providing fencing to keep people out would probably not be feasible. More aggressive signage could be an option.

“Having the police department involved will be key,” Turner said. “Signs are useless unless it’s being enforced.”