Inaccuracies in political coverage pointed out

Published 9:36 am Saturday, August 13, 2011

To the Editor:

Thank you for the political coverage of the candidates running for office.

It’s difficult to keep everything straight, especially with this being the year for redistricting, but because voters deserve accurate information, I would like to point out the following corrections:

In the Aug. 10 edition, under the front-page headline “Four races for supervisor contested,” the newspaper published “Republican incumbent Supervisor Anita Felts from Sedley District.” Southampton County does not have a Sedley District.

Mrs. Felts has represented the Jerusalem District for the past eight years.

And further down on the front page, under the headline “Brown seeks third term,” the paper published Courtland as the location for Republican incumbent Supervisor Walter D. “Walt” Brown III who is seeking re-election in the Newsoms District.

Also, Supervisor Brown is not “running against Democrat Glenn Updike.” Updike is running as an independent candidate against Supervisor Brown.

Four years ago Updike ran as a Democrat candidate.

I encourage all voters to brush up on the changes in the redistricting plans because you may find yourself in a different district.

I am one of those voters affected. Previously I lived in the 13th District, but now, without moving an inch, I find myself located in the 64th District, where the Democratic incumbent, Bill Barlow, is being challenged by Republican Rick Morris.

I also encourage anyone who has never registered to vote, or who recently moved here, to go down to the voter registration office in Courtland and get registered. We need every voice to be heard, and every vote does count!

Thank you.

Teresa B. Preston
Immediate Past Chairwoman
Franklin/Southampton Republican Unit

Editor’s note: Newsoms was published as the location of Brown’s district; a Courtland dateline was used to signify the location of the county seat.