Hats off to Hilliard, Johnson

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For most localities, the issue of redistricting can be a divisive one under the best of circumstances.

Add into the mix a city that has seen a fairly significant demographic shift since district lines were last redrawn — and a handful of folks whose agenda is unclear at best, but definitely includes a healthy dose of attention grabbing and publicity seeking — and redistricting can be absolutely explosive. Commentary on this page over the last few weeks is a testament to that.

The handling of divisive issues such as redistricting and minority/majority representation is typically not our City Council’s strong suit. Yet over the last couple of weeks, certain council members have shown the type of leadership and civility that is desperately needed and, quite frankly, often missing from City Council meetings.

We have serious issues in Franklin that require the full attention of those who have been tasked with leading us through difficult times. The job will be difficult enough even if everyone cooperates.

It is made significantly more so when a vocal few place a higher value on making their personal agendas known and advanced than on helping to ensure that progress is made for the benefit of all.

We salute City Council members Mary Hilliard and Raystine Johnson for choosing not to engage in the politics of divisiveness and for keeping their eye on the task at hand. An example has been set for all council members to follow.