You asked: Yard sale signs cannot be placed in rights-of-way

Published 10:36 am Saturday, August 6, 2011

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You asked: Is it legal to put up yard sale signs on utility poles or public rights-of-way?

FRANKLIN —Virginia law does not allow signs to be placed in a public right-of-way without a permit, said Nora Chivers, public information officer for Virginia Department of Transportation’s Hampton Roads office in Suffolk.

The fine is $100.

“So it’s illegal to post signs on state-maintained rights-of-way without a permit,” Chivers said.

In Franklin, yard sale signs cannot exceed 6 square feet, according to a city ordinance. Signs can be displayed for a maximum of five days in any six-month period.

No signs advertising a garage or yard sale can be placed on any property other than the home of the person conducting the sale.

Southampton County does not have an ordinance for yard sale signs, however, state law does not allow them on state rights-of-way, said Community Development Director Beth Lewis.

Isle of Wight County does not allow signs on utility poles. In addition, residents are allowed three yard sales every three months.

Windsor has an ordinance on yard sale signs, but Zoning Administrator Dennys Carney could not be reached. Assistant Town Clerk Judy Avent said she didn’t know all the details on the ordinance, but she knows yard sale signs cannot be posted on street signs.

Boykins does not have a yard sale sign ordinance, said Mayor Spier Edwards.

“I would think it would be all right to put something up in the (Buck Lassister) Mini Park,” Edwards said. “We wouldn’t want 10 of them.”

“If you put a sign in someone’s yard, if they get permission from the owner of the land, I don’t see any problem with that,” he added.

Edwards noted that folks can have three yard sales a year; any more requires a $10 permit.