You asked: Unlicensed animals are taken by animal control

Published 9:28 am Saturday, July 30, 2011

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You asked: What’s the penalty for not licensing your dog?

FRANKLIN—State and local laws mandate that dogs and, in some areas, cats must be licensed annually.

In Franklin and Isle of Wight and Southampton counties, the fee for animals that aren’t spayed or neutered is $10. In Franklin and Southampton County the fee for a fixed animal is $5 and Isle of Wight County, $3.

Franklin and Isle of Wight County also require that cats have a license.

Animal owners must have paperwork for proof of current rabies vaccinations; this proof is the main reason that licenses are required for pets, said Ed Martin, deputy Franklin treasurer.

“The main reason is to ensure animals are receiving proper vaccinations,” Martin said.

Licenses must be renewed by Jan. 31 in Franklin and Southampton County and Feb. 1 in Isle of Wight County.

Southampton County Treasurer David Britt said the county begins selling dog licenses in November for the upcoming year.

Britt said the county also has special rates for licenses for kennel owners. Owners of six dogs or more who have a conditional-use permit can get licenses at $20 for five, $35 for 20 and 50 for $50.

Dogs found running stray without a license will be taken in by animal control.

Also animal control officers can write tickets for animals found without licenses.

Franklin Animal Control Officer Roy Richards said fines for tickets vary between $70-$80, including court costs. Ninety percent of the strays taken in by animal control are claimed within 24 hours.

Animals found with collars are held for 10 days and animals found without collars are held for five days. After that amount of time the animals are considered to be city property and are put up for adoption.