Black, white agendas not the answer to city issues

Published 8:50 am Saturday, July 30, 2011

To the Editor:

Our little city of Franklin has many issues to overcome as it attempts to rebound from the negative economic conditions forced upon it by the closing of International Paper, Franklin Equipment and other local businesses, and exacerbated by our country’s recession.

The city does not now need to be confronted with racial divisiveness as advocated by Mr. Thomas Councill in his recent letter to the editor of this newspaper (“Hilliard, Johnson need to weigh in on redistricting,” July 24).

Mr. Councill, and by implication Councilman Greg McLemore, support “black rule,” using his terminology. They want black control of the city for the sake of having it — supporting a black agenda as opposed to a Franklin agenda.

Mr. Councill offers no creditable facts as to how his suggested agenda will benefit Franklin, especially during these tenuous times, other than intimating that having a black agenda would be an accomplishment in and of itself.

I would suggest to Mr. Councill and Mr. McLemore that they broaden their horizons. A black agenda, a white agenda, or any other agenda other than a Franklin agenda will not benefit Franklin or move Franklin forward.

We must all work together for Franklin’s recovery. Rather than reprimanding councilpersons Johnson and Hilliard for supporting a Franklin agenda, we should be supporting them in their efforts to achieve a unified Franklin.

James E. Rainey