Facebook page targeted SHS students

Published 11:09 am Wednesday, July 27, 2011

COURTLAND—While recently looking at her Facebook page, Hunterdale parent Karen Kee came across what she considered a disturbing page — the Southampton High School Haters Club.

The same day Kee saw the page on the Internet social networking web site, it disappeared. That wasn’t before it grew from 55 fans to more than 100.

The mother of a rising sophomore, Kee can only assume that the creator got word that the page was being reported to Facebook and thus removed it.

“I hope that enough parents had probably voiced enough opinions and the creator was fearful that it would be reported,” she said.

When The Tidewater News contacted Southampton High School Principal Allene Atkinson, she referred questions to Dr. Wayne Smith, executive director of administration and personnel. Smith could not be reached.

Superintendent Charles Turner did not return a phone call.

Sgt. Wanda Covington, spokeswoman for the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office, said the Facebook page was not reported to her department.

Another resident who heard about the Facebook page, but did not want to be identified out of fear for her child, said she was extremely concerned.

“I was certainly appalled at the recent news of the Facebook page about the Southampton High School Haters Club,” she said. “I have not seen this page on Facebook, nor do I care to view it. However, I am certainly outraged at some of the comments that have been repeated to me.”

When Kee saw the Facebook page on July 19, she immediately attempted to report it and began telling other parents about the page, which targeted about 10 kids.

“What I saw were very negative comments about other students that were graphic and vulgar,” Kee said. “I saw students that I knew.”

When Kee attempted to contact Facebook, she couldn’t come up with a good contact number.

“I decided to e-mail some of my adult friends — get them involved,” she said. “I asked them to go to the page and report it.”

It was gone that night.

Kee doesn’t know who started the Facebook page, but said “there’s a lot of speculation behind it.”

“Kids have a tendency to talk about other kids they think are involved,” she said.

Kee was concerned for any kid targeted by the page who already has social problems.

“What that could do to him mentally,” she said. “This could send him over the edge.”