Thanks to young man who left $20 for groceries

Published 11:18 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To the Editor:

Good deeds make the world just a little brighter.

We all complain, but most of us have it pretty easy.

Sure, there are rough spots along the way. It happens to all of us.

But it only takes a second to make a difference in someone’s day.

I was at Farm Fresh shopping, and there was a young man in the checkout line behind me. He only had a couple of items, and I knew I would take awhile, so I let him go in front of me.

When I was checking out, the clerk said the young man had left a $20 bill to help pay for my groceries. I couldn’t find him; he was gone by the time I finished.

I am hoping that if you publish this, he and others will see how one simple act can affect others around us.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful surprise. It made my day!

Rose Chapman