Firing guns in Windsor may become illegal

Published 8:49 am Friday, July 15, 2011


WINDSOR—An ordinance that would make it illegal to shoot a gun in Windsor will be presented to the Town Council during its Aug. 9 meeting.

Town Manager Michael Stallings said there have been complaints about guns being fired. Council members asked him and Police Chief Vic Reynolds to draft an ordinance.

“We’ve tried to take everything into consideration,” Stallings said. “Hopefully this will work.”

The proposed ordinance would prohibit shooting rifles, but residents with large lots could fire shotguns and handguns as long as they are 100 yards from any structure.

A public hearing on the ordinance could be held in September.

Council members also addressed complaints about the unsafe concrete slabs in front of the post office.

Stallings said the town contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation, which maintains Route 460 and the slabs, and was assured that a bid to repair the area would go out in August.

“All we can do is contact VDOT, since they maintain this area,” he said. “However, if residents would also call VDOT, it may make a difference. I believe, once there are resident complaints, the process may be started quicker.”

VDOT can be reached at 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

The council also amended an ordinance on ditch piping.

The original ordinance dictated that if a resident wanted a ditch bordering the highway on one side and the resident’s property on the other to be piped, the town would equally share the cost of materials with the resident. VDOT did the installation for free.

“VDOT no longer does the installation free, so we had to change our ordinance to reflect that,” Stallings said. “The amended ordinance states that if a resident sends us a formal request to have a ditch bordering the highway and their property piped, and if the funds are available from the town, then the town will share all costs of piping the ditch with the homeowner.”