Real Estate Transfers

Published 9:02 am Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Franklin and
Southampton County

Franklin City
Louise Thompson to Arthur Q. and Abbie F. Long, 507 S. High St., $45,000

Michael Lamont to Manning Investments LLC, 303 Edward St., $13,500

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Randall P. Morin, 121 Parks Place, $232,500

Fannie Mae to Allison Lankford, 109 N. Drive, $94,000

Fannie Mae to Shelton E. Brown, 121 Holly Cove St., $124,400

Robert Bruce Edwards to Mark Bly, 212 Old Sedley Road, $151,900

Bank of America to Saw M. and Cheryl P. Cook, 408 N. High St., $31,900

Michael E. and Martha B. Clark to Doreena H. Hewett, 1521 Clay St., $115,000

Navy Federal Credit Union to Ann E. Holman, 104 Homestead Road, $305,700

Patricia Ann Hunter to Etha Mae Fulton, lot 24 phase two Berkley Urban Renewal, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shady Hathan, 412 Pretlow St., $7,000

Kimberly M. Rhodes to Donald Matthew and Lein Johnson, 316 Robinwood Road, $155,000

Samuel I White P.C. to GMAC Mortgage LLC, 1205 Virginia St., $52,650

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to David Keith Monn, 112 Rawlsdale Road, $80,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ando Properties and Investment, 309 Morton St., $124,000

Donald L. McCoy and Jennifer A. to David C. and Rachel B. Blythe, 400 Vaughans Lane, $0

Rica Gilmore to Sean Gilmore, 27413 Dogwood Bend Road, $0

Franklin District
Fannie Mae to Irvin R. and Tanieka D. Ricks, 253 Woodland Drive, $190,000

David Keith Wright to Barry and Shawna K. Graham, 181 acres, $425,000

George A. Cato Jr. and Elise M. Cato to Oak Grove Baptist Church, three lots, $0

Johnny R. and Nicole D. Dale to Stephen J. St. Onge, 23062 Scottswood, $225,000

Glasser and Glasser to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 22463 Scojo Drive, $136,338

All Star Investment Inc. to Michael Antjuan Whitehead, lot 34 Nottoway Gardens Section Two in Franklin District, $50,000

Johnson and Johnson Properties to Virginia L. and Rossmann Malone, 2.353 acres at 23195 Frances Court, $185,000

Daniel J. Makose to Christopher Lee and Amber Powell, 23192 Frances Court, $135,000

Martha F. Lander to Johnnie Lee Scott Jr., and Glenda Scott, 25.260 acres, $32,838

Drewryville District
Delmarvia H. and Yolan Tennessee to R.M. Clarke LLC, 52 acres on Tennessee Road, $85,000

Geraldine W. Joyner to Billy Lee and Elizabeth Hand, 15 acres, $15,000

Ricky Bryant and Joan Harrell to Sallie A. Cain, .37 acres and .75 acres, $14,000

D&G Investment Corp. to James Brenton Boney, 1 acre, $186,900

Susan M. Scasny to J.W. Claud & Son, 147.85 acres on Route 704, $150,000

Linda Rebecca Newsome to Linda Rebecca Newsome, parcel on Route 711, $0

Jerusalem District
Norman H. and Kathryn U. O’Bryant to O’Bryant Family Joint Revocable, 2.416 acres, $0

Fannie Mae to Kirk B. and Kenneth Bunch, 1 acre at 16016 Mission Church Road, $167,500

Blythe Timber and Farms LLC to Thurman Munford Jr., 70.624 acres, $140,000

Elizabeth E. Thomas to Michael E. and Martha B. Clark, 19080 Lakeside Drive, $190,800

Fulton Bank to Cynthia L. Norfleet, 16687 Womble Mill Road, $235,000

Capron District
Mars Hill Baptist Church to Turner Allston Preservation LLC, 23186 Pope’s Station Road, $40,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust to John S. Deviv, one acre at 21118 Medicine Springs Road, $47,500

Herman Manley Sr. to Joseph R. and Cathy S. Rogers, 4.74 acres, $36,200

Sandra J. Sykes to Marcellus A. Mobley, parcel in Capron District and parcel in Drewryville District, $91,000

John Elwood Fox Jr. and June H. Fox to John Elwood Fox II and Carrie Fox, 15317 Cedar View Road in Capron District, $0

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Robert Weeks Jr., 1.9 acres at 18434 Barrow Road, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gene W. Copeland Jr., 11 acres, $156,500

Berlin-Ivor District
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bismarck LLC, 35308 Babb Drive, $22,100

Carl R. and Sharon L. Garner to Carl R. Garner, 2.9 acres, $0

Lina Sue Garner to Circle Saw Farm LLC, two parcels, $0

Randolph and Betty L. Jones, 15 acres, $0

Newsoms District
Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 28437 Westbrook St., $113,079

Tonya Y. Pringle to Tonya Y. and Whitehead Pringle, 4.9 acres, $0

Richard E. Railey Jr. to R. Edward Railey III and Benjamin Railey, $10,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Lisa A. Evans, 20032 Cross Keys Road, $105,000

Philip P. and Patricia L. Charles to Patricia L. Charles, 2 acres, $0

R.W. Tyler and Associates to Michelle Leigh Stainback, .543 acres, $130,000

Richard Lee Murphy to Avis Cooper Murphy, 30419 Riverdale Drive, $0

Boykins District
Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 32309 East St., $68,949

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 32068 Main St., $143,381

Town of Courtland
Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 22340 Medicine Springs Road, $70,600

Fannie Mae to Robert G. Samsal Jr., 26285 Moreland St., $53,000

Isle of Wight County

Town of Windsor
Holland Meadows to Tonya D. Alexander, lot one PH one Holland Meadows, $270,047

Michael D. Luter to Silver Spurs Investments LLC, .683 acres from Suffolk Land and Timber Co. Inc., $0

Windsor District
Fidelity National Title Insurance to James A. Deberry, interest lot 228 Jamestown Annex, $10,000

Troy A. Sing to Roger A. Smith, lots 7, 8, 9 Beaverbrook, $99,000

Kurt W. Taves to William C. Smith, 10.2579 acres in Kurt W. Taves family property, $950,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mary A. Rawls, lot 46 PH 2 Windsor Woods, $284,100

Phillip Ray Rose to William Brent Rose, 7.744 acres of Phillip Ray Rose property, $0

Fannie Mae to Shawn F. Pantschyschak, lots 40, 41, 42 and 43 in Hazelwood, $210,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Robert W. Jones, lot on Route 460, $140,000

Kurt A. Falkenstein to James L. Ball, lot in Windsor Woods, $275,000

Patrick J. Gallagher Jr. to Patrick J. Gallagher Jr., .52 acres, $0

Renee J. Vaughan to Christopher Todd Burris, 1.971 acre parcel, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen W. Brown, lot adjacent to Spivey estate property, $128,000