Fine in Florida

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Rex:

I understand you sometimes print reader comments. I’d like to share my 2 cents on that most controversial subject of alcohol.

You see, Rex, I am personally acquainted with the subject, and believe it has little effect on the human condition.

To prove my point, I have just consumed two drinks and am feeling no ill effects. Everything seems to be working just fine, and I am in complete control of my faculties.

There, I just consumed my third. Nothing yet.

While I am at it, I’d like to say I see no reel reason people should always talk about moderation. Seems to me it’s know one’s business what I do under mi roof and what I do whith my time. A little alcohol never hert anyone.

Why, I beleeve I could do most anything I wanted at this very moment. Ane perhapps evin butter!

Exsuse me while I down my forth.

You see, wrex, people have been drinkin this stuff for the last thousund years and probly will four the next thosand. And what the heck do they meen by moderation, anyway? It’s just a bunch of sef righteous, stuk up do-gooders whoo kant stand to see folks haavin a good time. Why I thinc thq hole world would be a bettter place if this wur a more kommon activity. Things wood git done quicker and bettter and everywon wood like each udder and weed alll git a long.

An while Im atit id like to say I think your a rite good ole fella and consider u one of my best friends inn tha hole wide world. Evin though ive nevur really met you. You shuld come over sum time an we kould discus this subject sum more.

Anyway, thanks you for lettin me share my pinion on thiss subject.

Im gettin a littel bit sleepy now but itts bout tyme sumone stuud up an spoke the truth!

Doin fine in florda

Dear Fine: I think you proved your point.