Updike announces bid for supervisor

Published 10:44 am Friday, July 8, 2011

NEWSOMS—A member of Citizens for Responsible Government will run for Southampton County Supervisor against Republican incumbent Walt Brown.

Glenn Updike

Glenn Updike on Friday announced his bid for a four-year term in the Newsoms District. The 71-year-old is running as an Independent, and if elected on Nov. 8, will serve without his $5,500 salary.

“I am running for the board of supervisors seat because I am concerned about our children’s and grandchildren’s futures,” he said. “Hopefully, farming will still exist in their futures for another 200 years if the county can control the taxes for everyone.”

“I feel it’s important to protect our quality of life,” he continued. “I’ve lived in the city and am aware of problems that can be caused by dense urban population.”

Updike and his wife, Lynda, operate a family farm near Statesville, part of which has been in the family for more than 200 years.

An active member of Barnes United Methodist Church, Updike served as Sunday school secretary for quite a few years. He and his wife are involved with the 4-H livestock program.

Glenn Updike has a bachelor’s of science degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree from Virginia State University.

He served six years in the military, and worked six years as a 4-H Youth Coordinator and then 28 years as a Southeast Virginia District Agricultural Farm Management agent with responsibilities in economic and financial analysis.

“Through my work, I have developed good evaluation skills and an ability to listen to both sides of an issue in order to reach a workable solution on a wide variety of issues,” Updike said. “One thing I learned from my many years of experience is that economics is the key to running a successful business and our county government is the largest single business in the county. It must be run as efficiently as possible. Each and every county business decision affects every citizen’s tax bill.”

Updike spent nine months on Southampton’s Board of Equalization.

“We tried diligently to make the last reassessment more affordable and equitable for every person in the county,” he said.

He also served on the County Board of Zoning Appeals and the Board of Building Appeals.

Updike talked about the six keys to the county’s success. They are:

• Adopt a can-do attitude

• Focus on a vision for the future

• Spend resources wisely

• Allow strong leaders to step up and serve

• Encourage a logical approach to county government

• Maintain and encourage citizens to get involved to control local government.