Charter increases cable TV rates by $3

Published 9:25 am Friday, July 8, 2011

FRANKLIN—Charter Communications has raised its rates for expanded basic television service by $3 for Franklin-area customers without digital service and doubled the cost for its sports tier package.

The company on June 28 raised the rates for its expanded basic service for the first time in two years, said Charter spokeswoman Kristina Hill. The price will increase from $32 to $35. The pricing for basic service will remain $24.99.

The price adjustments come after years of the company absorbing the increases in programming and equipment costs, Hill said.

“Charter faces rising costs from suppliers that require occasional price adjustments for their products and services,” she said. “Charter has experienced a rise in our overall cost of doing business, in addition to an increase in the cost we pay for programming and equipment.”

Customers with a digital service will not be affected.

“More than half of our active video customers in Virginia have digital service,” Hill said.

Customers in promotional packages also would not be affected by the increase in the expanded basic coverage until the promotion ends.

Charter will increase the cost for its sports tier package from $5 to $10. The rental fee for modems will also increase from $5 to $7.

Many Charter Internet customers own modems, Hill said.

For more information on rate adjustments, call 888-438-2427.