Economy benefiting from church

Published 9:48 am Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For a couple of years now, the Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce has touted the slogan “Put Your Money Where Your Home Is,” and the members of High Street United Methodist Church have taken the message to heart.

The beautiful new, 30,000-square-foot building being constructed on Camp Parkway across from Riverdale Elementary School will be the new home for High Street Methodist Church, providing members with a wonderful facility and much welcomed breathing room.

The benefit to non-church members will be an estimated more than $1 million pumped into the local economy.

From the beginning of this project, the church members endeavored to employ as many local contractors and patronize as many local businesses as possible. The fact that they have been so successful is a testimony to the church’s commitment to its community, quality of skilled labor and diversity of retail opportunities.

So while we gladly take this opportunity to shine a light on the principles guiding church members during an exciting time in their history, we also take it as an opportunity to remind everyone to think about shopping locally during one of the most difficult economic times in our community’s history.

So stay at home next time you decide to go shopping; chances are you can find almost anything you want or need right here in your own neighborhood. Great things happen for our local economy when you put your money where your home is.